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We are glad to have you here. It's obvious that you might want to know us and you will be having many questions about who we are, how good we are at making custom neon signs, why we do what we do and a lot more. So let us introduce 'The custom neon signs'. It's all about the love of arts and colors. Our founders have a thing for art. And what else can be as beautiful as your place's wall flaunting a bright neon sign with sparkling colors. If you are one of those brick and mortar stores, what can be more peaceful than having those light glowing on your wall. Every business has a story to tell and we are definitely interested in helping them tell it with our neon signs. We know how much important a custom made neon sign for your business can mean to you. Neon signs have been around decades, but the only way to get them was to get them from one of those local stores, because of its fragile nature. And they were nothing even near to pocket friendly. So our founders decided to step into the business so that they can provide the quality neon signs for your business and spread their love for neon in a way that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

We maintain a large inventory of beautifully designed Neon Signs, so that in case if you want one of them, we can ship them as soon as possible without delay. But what we like to do is, to make custom signs according to your design or the custom neon signs designed specifically for your business, home, restaurant and bars. We craft each neon with utter care and love. All our neon signs are made from high quality glass and have vibrant colors. Also, once we are done with the neon signs, in-stock or custom made, we make them go through a number of tests. These tests are specifically designed in our labs to make sure that your custom made neon sign has a long lasting and a happy life.

Who says buying neon can be a lengthy and boring process? We have designed our simulators and tools so that you can check how your design will look like when finished. It has every option we have available for the backing, colors, fonts, etc. of your custom neon text signs. We also make LED signs. It takes lots of time and efforts to craft a perfect masterpiece of the neon sign and we do that at affordable prices. We know that you want to make an impact with these neon signs, whether be it your home or your business, and so we make sure that every time you order something from us, you receive something extraordinary. So let us share the passion of art, craft and colors with the world together. We have just made ordering your custom neon signs easier and interesting than ever.

Surf our site for the designs, give our custom neon text sign designer, a go and send us your design ideas. If you have any questions you can definitely get in touch with us. We are a real company with the real factories that actually make all the parts of quality neon signs from scratch in-house, for customers all over the US and Canada. We offer a variety of neon and LED signs at pocket friendly prices. No matter your business; restaurants, bars, games, salons and dorm rooms, just to name a few, you can trust that 'The Custom Neon Signs' will deliver.
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