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Warranty & Shipping Policies

We provide our customers with a 1 year warranty during which if the neon light/sign is found to be not working soundly/ or dimming/flickering, or just completely dysfunctional for reasons like breakage of the glass, then we will send you a replacement of that part of the sign.

Just so that there is no further inconvenience, we’d like to make sure which part of your custom neon sign is broken so that we can immediately send the replacement without delay. For that you will be needed to send a picture of that part, and once the part is received by you we expect you to replace it by yourself with absolutely no trouble.

If on opening the delivered product and running the test to see if it is working, you find that it does not function properly for any reason, you must contact our ‘customer service department’ who are readily available to guide you thereafter.

If you fail to report a breakage upon delivery within 48 hours from the time your custom neon sign is delivered, the replacement parts that will be sent will be shipped at your expense.

Once the breakage is reported to us, a call tag shall be issued with UPS/FedEx who will pick up the product for repair within 72 hours of issuing. The product will be brought to us for repairs and replacement. The customer should expect the product to be returned after repairs within 8-10 days

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