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Why Choose Us?

Affordable prices:
We are not some local sore trying to rob you by making false promises. We are the manufacturers of the highest quality neon signs trying to provide you the best quality service for custom made neon signs at affordable prices.

Quick Service:
We not only make the customized neon signs, but also have a wide range of ready-made custom neon designs to choose from which are ready to get shipped. That makes our service fast and thus we and assure you the timely arrival of your custom ordered neon sign.

Shipping guarantee:
We provide the shipping guarantee on all our products. We are confident in our packaging method for the custom neon home or business signs and assure you that if something goes wrong, we will replace your neon sign.

Best Quality:
Providing custom neon signs at affordable prices, never encourage us to make adjustments to our quality. We use the best raw material for your neon signs to ensure its long-lasting life and brightness.

Great Customer Care:
We will always be there to back you up. Whether it is a problem with the shipping of your customized neon room sign or with the maintenance of your newly bought LED sign. We are happy to help.

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